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Yacht Charter Turkey

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Yacht Charter Turkey – Land of the Eastern Sun

yacht charter TurkeyTaking a look at the map of yacht charter Turkey you realize that it has all the basic ingredients for a great yacht charter holiday. There is lovely weather, plenty of sunshine, a lot of coastline to explore, a friendly and welcoming local populace and, finally, a great ancient culture that left behind a great number of artifacts worth visiting.

Despite the fact that Turkey basically represents a huge landmass that corresponds to the Anatolian Peninsula, there are 8300km of coastline from east to the west where you can sail your boat, including the famous Bosporus and Dardanelles straits which link the Mediterranean to the Black Sea.

Not only is Turkey located at the border of two continents, it’s also positioned at the border of two distinct cultures, borrowing from both the Asian and the Europeans, which give it that melting pot feel, so appealing to tourists.

One of the main reasons tourists fall in love with yacht charter Turkey is the natural landscape which is often untouched by modern man, giving the sailor the impression he sails back into time. Add to that the lovely climate and the welcoming people and you have yourself the base for a lovely yacht charter holiday.

There is a good assortment of marinas along the coast near the main harbor and tourist towns and there are also signs that the local yacht industry is developing rapidly in yacht charter Turkey. There are new marinas being built, old marinas getting modernized and expanded, so much so that mooring rates are dropping and Turkey is getting much of the old customers from Greece and other traditional sailing destinations that are attracted by the low prices.

And since it’s fairly easy to get into yacht charter Turkey as a tourist, the immigration rules are pretty lax. First off, all boats transiting Turkish waters must have a Transit Log (also known as a Cruising Permit) which should contain information about the yacht and its crew. This is valid for a whole year but if you leave the country it becomes void.

This bit of bureaucracy is usually taken care of the yacht charter company if you send them the paperwork in advance which in fact consists of a complete crew list and a proof of the skipper’s sailing competence like a sailing license.

Also important to those thinking of making a Turkey yacht charter holiday is the fact that there is no need for a travel visa for citizens of certain European countries but what is required is a valid passport which is enough for stays of up to 90 days or 3 months. This period can be prolonged in case you want to experience more of Turkey at the local police station.