Hanse 385

Hanse 385
30/05/15: 7 Days
Gothenburg / City Marina

Hanse 325 (2Cab)

Hanse 325 (2Cab)
25/07/15: 7 Days
Gothenburg / City Marina

Hanse 325 (2Cab)

Hanse 325 (2Cab)
15/08/15: 7 Days
Gothenburg / City Marina


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Yacht Charter Sweden

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Yacht Charter Sweden – Sailing Hot Spot in the Cold North

yacht charter SwedenAmong many other things, yacht charter Sweden is famous for one important thing: having the largest archipelago in the whole world, the Stockholm archipelago, not to mention being the largest of the Scandinavian countries. For yacht charter tourists, Sweden is a must see destination.

Covering almost half of the Scandinavian peninsula in northern Europe, yacht charter Sweden is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea which affords it the beauty of glacial erosion that formed through the course of thousands of years the deep fjords, the numerous islands and islets carved in the granite coasts.

Historically a warrior nation which in the 17th century was three times its actual size, yacht charter Sweden is today a peaceful nation that thrives on peace. It’s even one of the few countries in the world that doesn’t belong to a major military alliance. The local populace mirrors that same tolerant nature and is very open to tourists, making you feel right at home here.

If you’re considering a yacht charter holiday in Sweden, there are a couple of regions you simply have to visit. First and foremost, the Stockholm archipelago has to be on your itinerary, after which you have to make a stop in the touristic region of Bohuslan. You’ll come across sleepy fishing villages that have been turned into holiday resorts like Marstrand and Nykoping, but there are also large metropolises like Goteborg and Stockholm, cities with a long history that have plenty to offer in terms of culture, cuisine, nightlife and attractions.

The Swedes are used to boats on the water and sailing in general being one of those countries where the number of yachts per capita is very high. But with the number of pleasure vessels increasing dramatically lately and subsequently the number of boating accidents, they were forced to enforce a series of tougher rules and regulations that also apply to the yacht charter industry.

However, getting into the country isn’t that difficult, especially if you’re an American or a European citizen. If this is the case, you’re in luck because you won’t need a travel visa, just a valid passport which will afford you a stay of up to 90 days. If you’re form a different region, you’re advised to check with your local Swedish embassy in order to start the procedures for obtaining a diplomatic visa.

If you happen to be a citizen of neighboring northern countries, you needn’t worry about visas either, since yacht charter Sweden has a separate agreement with its Scandinavian neighbors that allow their citizens free passage across their borders.