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Yacht Charter Seychelles

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Yacht Charter Seychelles – The Tropical Paradise in the Indian Ocean

yacht charter SeychellesThis is one of those few places left on earth that still deserves the name of tropical Eden. Yacht charter Seychelles are a group of islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean, far away from any continent which has led to their late discovery and relative low human impact on the natural wildlife and plant species.

However, the beauty of these islands is undeniable and with their secluded position, wonderful weather, predictable winds, calm waters all year round and many itinerary possibilities, the Seychelles have easily turned into a sailing paradise for those brave enough to adventure here.

The main town and island of the archipelago is Mahe, which is also the starting point for all sailing expeditions in the yacht charter Seychelles. In all there are 115 islands that make up the archipelago but most are uninhabited despite being first discovered by Arab sailors in the 13th century. The first Europeans to land here were the British who set foot on the islands in 1609, after which the French came over and fought for the right to control them.

A period of turmoil ensued, ending with the victory of the British who controlled the yacht charter Seychelles from 1814 until 1976 when the islands gained their independence and their democracy later in 1991. Since then they’ve been turned into a profitable touristic region since there are few natural resources to sustain the local populace.

Once here you’ll discover that the yacht charter Seychelles are not only a great nature retreat but also a good place for exploring on water and sharpening your skipper skills. Other islands you can sail to include Praslin, Fregate and La Digue which are just a few hours sailing from the port of Mahe.

Another benefit of a yacht charter holiday in the Seychelles is the fact that the fair weather and the calm waters are simple to navigate even for beginner skippers. In fact, the only hazards around here are the tides and the underwater reefs and shallows which can be tricky sometimes to navigate.

Because before 1990 yacht charter Seychelles was a country under socialist rule, yacht traffic was strictly monitored and there were a lot of bans being enforced, but today, thanks to the democratic rule, most of the impositions and bans have been lifted, granting free passage to those who come here for touristic purposes.

However, there are some restricted areas where sailors are not allowed to sail. These are protected areas where sailing could have a negative environmental impact and hence such activities are either prohibited or limited and monitored. That means that the yacht charter sailor will have to pay a fee to enter the restricted area, or for landing mooring or overnight stays.

You’ll find that most of the yachts in the Seychelles are in Mahe, the main port in the country, which has local boats as well as privately owned boats coming from other countries, because the Victoria Port (the name of the local port) is the main port of entry in the country. If you enter the country in your own boat, you’ll need to report to port authorities for customs, health, immigration and security formalities.

As the owner of a foreign yacht, you’re required to have a valid outward clearance from the last port of call as well as a full crew and passenger, a store list and an arms list (if arms are present on board). If you’re on a charter yacht, you don’t need to go through these formalities.

The traditionally tourist-friendly Seychelles don’t require a visa for entry in the country, regardless of the purpose of your visit, as long as the visit does not exceed 30 days. Of course, by special request, this period can be extended to one year. What you will need to enter the country is a valid passport, with at least 6 months of validity left on it.