03/08/15: 7 Days

Bavaria Cruiser 40 S (3...

Bavaria Cruiser 40 S (3Cab)
03/08/15: 5 Days
Majorca / El Arenal

Dufour 445 Grand Large ...

Dufour 445 Grand Large (4Cab)
04/08/15: 4 Days
Sicily / Portorosa

Abati 55 Portland

Abati 55 Portland

06/08/15: 7 Days
San Vincenzo

Sun Odyssey 439 (3Cab)

Sun Odyssey 439 (3Cab)
06/08/15: 3 Days
Majorca / Puerto de A...

Bavaria 31 Cruiser (2Cab)

Bavaria 31 Cruiser (2Cab)

16/08/15: 7 Days
Majorca / Ca’ n Pastilla

Bura 4.8

Bura 4.8
17/08/15: 7 Days

Yacht Charter Mediterranean

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Yacht Charter Mediterranean – A Sailor’s Paradise

yacht charter MediterraneanProbably the most popular sailing destination in the entire world, the Mediterranean Sea also probably has the largest numbers of marinas and yachts along its shores, apart from having some of the most popular yacht charter destination out there today, countries like Greece, Turkey, Croatia, France, Italy and Spain.

Named by some the Cradle of Civilization, the Mediterranean shores have been inhabited since prehistoric times. The reason why it’s always been such an important maritime space is because it provides the link between Europe, Asia and Africa, as well as connecting with the Atlantic through the Gibraltar Strait and with the Black Sea through the Dardanelles Strait.

Its name is derived from the word “mediterraneus” which means “in the middle of the earth” since that’s how the ancients envisioned it. The yacht charter Mediterranean Sea has a total surface of 2.5 million square kilometers and an average depth of 1500 meters.
The landscape varies significantly from north to south and from east to west, from the rocky islands in the center of the sea like Sicily, Corsica or Malta, to the sandy beaches alternating with coves found in Greece or Turkey. The Mediterranean is also home to some of the most desirable pieces of coat in the world, like the Cote d’Azur in France or the Italian Riviera, which become yacht charter magnets every summer.

The reason why yacht charter in the Mediterranean is so popular is because it’s fairly easy to navigate. It’s one of the most well mapped sea, it has no tides, lots of anchoring places as well as an unmatched touristic potential from the countries bordering it. Most major ports are old historical towns with plenty of attractions, a vibrant cultural life, interesting cuisine and fascinating nightlife, which make up the main ingredients of a successful yacht charter holiday.

The Mediterranean climate is known throughout the world are one of the most prolific for tourism, since there are long days of warm sunshine, with predictable winds. The summers are long and hot, the winters short and mild with lots of rain which is generally concentrated in the cold season which lasts from October to April each year.

Famous for being home to some of the most important cultures in human history, the Romans, the Greeks, Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Persians and Ottomans, yacht charter Mediterranean has provided all with the means of expansion and economic power through trade. Today, it still accounts for 20% of the world’s maritime traffic, apart from being the yacht charter Mecca for tens of millions of tourists.

The virtual ease with which you can sail these waters has given the Mediterranean its fame and appeal. There are no tidal flows here, the harboring is safe and the winds are predictable offering even absolute beginners of yacht charter a chance to sail without being in any real danger to themselves or the boat.

The marinas in the Mediterranean are some of the best in the world, both in terms of services provided and the equipment they have. In fact, the Med is so popular still that is draws a third of the world’s tourists every year. And despite that fact, there are still places that can offer you absolute solitude and tranquility. Some have been sailing its waters for their whole life and still they haven’t seen it all.

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