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Yacht Charter Croatia

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Yacht Charter Croatia – The Best Way to Enjoy the Adriatic Sea

Yacht Charter Croatia - DubrovnikYacht charter Croatia is gaining more and more notoriety for its long coastline and for its numerous and beautiful islands that can be found formed in spectacular archipelagoes. The clean and calm waters and the scenic medieval towns on the shores, baking in the warm sun just amplify the charm of this sailing destination.

Geographically, the Croatian territory stretches between the Panonian Plain, the Balkan Mountains and the Adriatic, with a couple of famous touristic regions such as the Kornati archipelago, the Kvarner Bay or Dalmatia.

Historically, the country was a famous tourist center beginning with Roman times, when rich citizens of the empire chose to spend their summers on these serene shores by building fancy villas. Up until the 19th century, Croatia gained in notoriety, only to be followed by a period of touristic hiatus with the advent of socialism and the induction of the country within the Republic of Yugoslavia. Now, thankfully, that period is over, and Croatia is investing heavily into rebuilding the coastline resorts.

The Dalmatian coastline in particular is known to yacht charter enthusiasts as a sunny region with warm and calm waters, with discreet olive, wine and fresh fish fragrances. Some famous resorts on the Croatian coastline include Zadar, Sibenik, Split and Dubrovnik. These are the largest and the most visited, but there are also smaller, lesser-known, but equally beautiful if somewhat less crowded like Biograd, Cres, Primosten, Pula, Rovinj, Sukosan or Trogir.

These are all harbor towns with marinas that enjoy significant groups of yacht charter crews mooring here and spending their vacations here. To that you can add even smaller coastal villages which are quiet and idyllic, hidden away in some small bay where you can moor for the night and experience “the Mediterranean as it once was” as the National Tourism Board’s catchphrase says.

As far as immigration rules and customs are concerned, yacht charter Croatia seems pretty lax when compared to other European countries. However, there are some rules the local officials enforce in order to keep in check the increasing numbers of yacht charter tourists arriving here. Tourists from EU countries, the US, the UK, Australia, Canada and Japan don’t need a travel visa to enter the country for stays of up to 3 months, but they do need a valid passport and a return ticket.

Those who arrive in country in their own boat have to check with the local Harbor Master in order to clear paperwork and receive a vignette for a nominal fee that allows you to sail in Croatian waters. The sticker is valid for one year and in its price are included the navigation safety duty, lighthouse duty and administrative duty costs. An interesting fact to know is that if you come regularly to Croatia for several years you’ll notice that you’ll get a discounted price.

Skippers who want a yacht charter in Croatia need to have evidence of license and prior experience which must be compatible with the type of boat you’re trying to hire. Sailing without a permit is a penal offence and it also forfeits any insurance that you might have made on the yacht.

Just in case you don’t have a permit, once can be issued to you locally by the Maritime Affairs Management or Port Authorities which will enable you to sail boat up to 12m in length as well as allow you to use a VHF radio. Local rules state that apart from the skipper, there must be another member of the crew on board who can operate the VHF radio.