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Yacht Charter Vilm 34

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Welcome to the Agora yacht model page! Agora offers relevant information and offers from the Yacht Charter industry. This is where you’ll also find descriptions about the most suitable boats used for Yacht Charter tourism, such as Vilm 34.

Vilm 34 is one of the more popular models for Yacht Charter thanks to its reliability proven along the years but also thanks to the easiness with which it can adapt to the different styles of sailing. Its versatile nature means it’s suited not only for family vacations but also for corporate events and even for sporting regattas where usually a boat is pushed to its limits.

If you’d like more information on Vilm 34, please refer to the table with technical information such as length, draft and engine capacity. This will surely help you make an informed decision about what the is best option to spend the Yacht Charter budget on.

Because it’s such a popular model, Vilm 34 can be chartered from a variety of locations. To see which locations offer this model, please scroll down to the list below and choose the provider in the location that suits you the best.

Possible variations in details

Technical Details