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Yacht Charter Vilm 34

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The Yacht models page on Agora is the best place to find information on that Vilm 34 you’ve been thinking of chartering. There is also extensive information on a large number of other boats from several shipyards you can browse through, each boat page consisting of technical info and locations you can charter it from. Please make sure you check out all these details before making a decision.

It has to be said that Vilm 34 is considered to be a suitable vessel for Yacht Charter tourism because of a number of important features that make it low-maintenance, easy to sail and good value for money. The space it offers is adequate for crews going on short to medium Yacht Charter trips, either families or larger groups of friends.

Technical information on Vilm 34 can be found in the technical details box, where you can see the boat’s dimensions, its type of engine, how many cabins it has as well as a number of other charcateristics. There is also a picture gallery available complete with schematic drawings of the Yacht Charter vessel.

Because Vilm 34 is a very requested boat, we try to offer it in as many locations as possible thanks to our many providers from across the Globe. That’s why we advise to check the list at the end of the page where you can find all the marinas where you can charter a Vilm 34.

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